Andreadaki & And. Papandreou 5, Lamia P.C. 35100

Saint Luka’s Hill

Saint Luka’s Hill is an overgrown hill of Lamia, which is located right above Diakos’s Square, with easy access from there. Here the visitor can enjoy a pleasant walk, a meal, a cup of coffee or a drink at the municipal kiosk with the magical view of Oeta, the valley of Spercheios and the Malian Gulf. Inside the green forest, the small church of Saint Luka is located, the patron saint of Lamia. It is a small temple, in a cross shape without a dome, which was built as a chapel in 1910. It has a historic interest to the residents’ memories due to its connection with historic facts, while it has been characterized as a historic monument by the Ministry of Culture.

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